Suspension: The system of springs and shock absorbers by which a vehicle is cushioned from road conditions. 



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Coil Springs

Most modern-day vehicles use coil springs in their suspension setups. The coils themselves are giant springs that are wrapped around shocks or struts. Coil spring systems work with several control arms, shock absorbers, and linkages to provide suspension for each wheel.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are a common component of older suspension systems. They consist of metal sheets in various sizes stacked on top of each other. Leaf springs were standard on most vehicles before the late 1970s.

Since leaf springs spread a vehicle’s weight over a wider area, they’re used on larger vehicles like trucks, vans, and heavy-duty pickups today.

Leaf springs are better for heavier vehicles and those who may need to haul more weight. They’re also less complex and less adjustable than coil springs.

Coil spring suspension systems are better for performance driving as you can fine-tune your suspension. They offer greater comfort and flexibility for improved handling.

There’s a reason coil springs have become the standard suspension in modern vehicles. But leaf springs still have their place in the auto industry.

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