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Dyno tuning,  vehicle electronics,  engine management, stereo/ sound systems, engine  +  transmission  +  drive train modifications,  chassis,  roll cage,  metal art, & interiors.


Vehicle Electronics

Underglow, interior & exterior lighting, new ECU, backup camera, custom sound system, LCD screens and all of the above.

Your dream car turned into a reality

We can fit your vehicle with any electronic you want. From custom sound systems to contemporary living quarters in the back of your antique van, we have already done it.

We can install a time-era-esk LCD screen so you can connect your phone to your antique vehicle and enjoy the comforts of modern living without sacrificing the raw feeling you get when you drive your 1960s muscle car.


Dyno Tuning

Typically, when you modify your vehicle, it should be tuned after. This will ensure that everything runs as it should, and that there is no power surge or lack of power in one area or another.

If your car is stock, it can still be tuned. We can tune your vehicle to increase horsepower/ torque or improve its gas mileage. It’s your car. We will make it work for you!

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Real Time Results

Watch your car’s performance change as we tune it!

Increased Performance

Decreased stress on your engine

Performance Exhausts

There are so many different components to your exhaust system, and depending on what you are looking for – one system may benefit you more than another. If you have questions or are still unsure about what you are looking for. Reach out to us. We can give you some insight and ask you the right questions – ones that will get you thinking.

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We can build your interior from the ground up or replace existing components. If you want a slick custom muscle car era interior or something contemporary for your rat-rod, we can install it for you. If you want something new but need to run ideas by someone, or maybe you need some suggestions, we have years of experience and will give you the insight you need to make an informed decision you will be happy with.


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custom interiors

Gauges, dashboards, sound systems, electronics, leather seats, carpets & more

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Art for your vehicle, home and outdoor living space

Metal Art

There is no better way to commemorate an old vehicle than turning it into a piece of art you can add to its replacement or a centerpiece in your home.

No project is too big or wild for us. Our years of experience and extensive portfolio should give you the peace of mind you need when choosing us for your next custom art piece.

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Custom Suspensions

We can make your vehicle fit your lifestyle. Do you want to raise or lower your ride? Maybe you want to be able to do both. We can set you up on an air ride suspension at Horsepower Farm or replace your current setup with something new.


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Fit To Your Lifestyle

Lowered, raised or controlled with a remote

bring your vehicle back to life

Making Something From Nothing

Metal Fabrication

We can build you a car from scratch, or we can take your current vehicle and restore it to showroom condition – along with any customizations you want. We do all the work in-house, from the chassis and interior to the engine and transmission.

Our return customers chose us because of the peace of mind we provide. Because we do everything under one roof, you won’t be working with multiple companies to complete one project.

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